Insecta (Emma Cardon)


Piano Solo Suite

Level: Late Intermediate – Advanced

“I have always been fascinated by the world that exists right beneath our feet. With Insecta, I have attempted to write a set of pieces showing this world as it really is – not as a disturbing menagerie of creepy-crawlies, but as an interesting and beautiful collection of diverse creatures that add color to our daily lives. Each of the six movements depicts a different insect I have found in my backyard: a recklessly independent dragonfly weaving between river reeds; an earthworm, isolated in the dark, silent earth; a nimble pond skater dancing a ballet on the water’s surface; a good-natured ground beetle ambling aimlessly; a sonorous cricket whose song is interrupted by constant panic at every outside sound or movement; a belligerent yellow jacket buzzing angrily. I hope you enjoy playing these pieces, and that they make you think about the tiny, fascinating lives that are so often overlooked. To find magic, we need not look further than our own backyards.”


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