The Piano Guys have produced numerous fun and inspirational music videos for their fans, so we thought we would create one for them. The music was composed specifically for The Piano Guys and everyone at The Piano Guys’ headquarters. The composer, Kristen Personius, was thinking of the color “yellow” when she wrote this piece. These young artists are not trying to emulate The Piano Guys as they have their own careers which started at a very young age. They all came together to make this happen. The performers had the wonderful opportunity of attending The Piano Guys concert in Red Rocks, Colorado, and met and chatted with them at the end of the show.


Written by:
Yellow – A Trio inspired by The Piano Guys written by Kristen Personius. Kristen is also published by The FJH Music Company and the Contemporary Composers Circle Music Company.

Performed by:
Kristen Personius – Piano
Elise Cole – Cello
Anna Cole – Violin
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Kristen Personius
Filmed at The International Music Syndicate/Contemporary Composers Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Executive Producer – Ariana Richards
Producer – Karolyn Grimes
Producer – Debbie Turner

An International Music Syndicate Production
An Aiden Zieres Film
Strider Moore – Cinematographer

About our producers:
Ariana Richards – Ariana is a national award winning artist (oil) and is internationally known for her numerous roles in motion pictures and the cinema, especially for her role as “Lex” in Jurassic Park.

Karolyn Grimes – Multitalented actress in numerous movies especially noted for her roles as “Zuzu” in It’s a Wonderful Life and “Debby” in The Bishop’s Wife.

Debbie Turner – Another multitalented artist and actress known for her role as “Marta” in The Sound of Music.

All of these ladies have extensive experience in motion pictures and generously gave of their talents.

Copyright © 2015 International Music Syndicate

Thorne Miniatures is a collection of six piano miniatures each inspired by one of Narcissa Thorne’s miniature rooms found in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thorne’s miniature rooms are best described as model rooms of mostly European and American interiors built during the 1930s and 1940s. One of the most peculiar characteristics of Thorne’s miniature rooms is the absence of any human figures. Instead, she hints at human existence with small inanimate objects like a soccer ball or books. As viewers, we cannot help but envision scenes of running children, cocktail parties, or a single bookworm enjoying an early sunrise in these empty rooms. This is the role of the Thorne Miniatures—to supply the musical scenes in such a way that fills this lifeless void. The Thorne Miniatures is an ode to childhood and imagination as explored in the museum collection.
What would a masquerade at midnight be like? Use your imagination. You might see soft glowing lights in a garden with people in costumes very decorative and ornate. Or, they might be in a castle ballroom with a fireplace, candles, and elegant decorations. A couple stand out in the middle of the ballroom and are oblivious to the other guests who are watching them from afar.