Fiddler Crabs (Rachel and Daniel Lamb)



Level: Late Intermediate

“We were 10 years old when our family decided to move onto a sailboat and explore the seven seas. We packed our belongings, sold our house, and set off into the unknown. During our year long adventure, we saw many fascinating sea creatures and wildlife, including the peculiar and elusive fiddler crab. These mischievous crustaceans scurry quickly along the beach scavenging for algae, darting back and forth as the waves rhythmically ebb and flow. The males have notably asymmetrical claws, one being nearly ten times larger than the other, and are often seen “dancing”, presenting what is best described as a comical impression of a gleeful fiddler. This piece reminded us of our experiences meeting these little animals, laughing at their antics, and getting pinched a few times!”

– Rachel and Daniel

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