Songbird Serenade (Wynn-Anne Rossi)


(piano solo)

Level: Late Intermediate

“The voice of music surrounds us in our daily lives. Music sings through waves on the water and breezes in the trees. Perhaps most noticeable are the ever-present vocalizations of the beautiful songbirds. I am an avid lover of birdwatching! The view from my piano looks over a backyard, full of active bird feeders. I love listening to their wild, always surprising calls. And I’ve noticed these little birds like the sound of my piano! Songbird Serenade captures some of my favorite bird calls, beginning with the black-capped chickadee. As you practice the piece, you can take delight in the musical challenge of identifying these independent voices. More importantly, the music reflects the gift of peace and vibrant energy these tiny creatures express each morning and throughout the day. Enjoy!”

– Wynn-Anne

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