Sunday Morning Fire – Late Night Embers (Jackson Berkey)


Two Piano Solo Compositions

Level: Intermediate

“During my first hibernation at Columns By The Sea, Cape May, New Jersey, I discovered a few interesting facets: The city of Cape May is almost deserted during January when I composed the Cape May Preludes. Her residents were more than ready for some quiet time following the Christmas and New Year’s busy influx of visitors. Few eating establishments remained open; some offer service only on weekends. Only occasionally does one see other people. For me it was a state of supreme quiet, accompanied by the sound of the sea and interrupted only by thought; this quiet isolation brought forth my Cape May Preludes. The Preludes were written in response to many of the feelings I experienced. They are about the weather, the people and animals encountered during this, my first writing “sabbatical” on the Atlantic Coast.

The main Victorian living room at Columns By The Sea houses a large gas fireplace, ready and willing for guests to enjoy. I was inspired many times, due to the combination of winter weather and fire, to go to the small grand piano nearby and compose. Such was the case with Sunday Morning Fire. The opening prelude was written while waiting for one of Bernadette’s (the innkeeper) weekend gourmet breakfasts.

This is another fire, another time, with a very small glass of sherry or port. It is another evening after writing all day and basking in the quietness of the sea and the inn.”


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