Thorne Miniatures (Grace Hale)


Piano Solo Suite

Level: Late Intermediate – Advanced

Thorne Miniatures is a collection of six piano miniatures each inspired by one of Narcissa Thorne’s miniature rooms found in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thorne’s miniature rooms are best described as model rooms of mostly European and American interiors built during the 1930s and 1940s. One of the most peculiar characteristics of Thorne’s miniature rooms is the absence of any human figures. Instead, she hints at human existence with small inanimate objects like a soccer ball or books. As viewers, we cannot help but envision scenes of running children, cocktail parties, or a single bookworm enjoying an early sunrise in these empty rooms. This is the role of the Thorne Miniatures—to supply the musical scenes in such a way that fills this lifeless void. The Thorne Miniatures is an ode to childhood and imagination as explored in the museum collection.


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