Rondò Fantastico (Daniel Espen)


Piano Solo

Level: Advanced

Naturally in “rondo form,” this composition starts with a “cantabile” character which creates a magical and fairytale-like atmosphere. The different fragments extracted from the main subject construct the various episodes in succession. Thus, after the initial part of the composition, there is a progression which drives it in an enthusiastic and joyous melodic declamation which anticipates the return of the main subject replayed in a major mode. This metamorphosis colors with a warm and fragrant feeling the germinal idea of the piece. A crystalline episode refreshes the atmosphere and afterwards the music flows into the recapitulation of the major subject that is, at this time, layered in a sound mass which explodes into a crisp musical episode which can almost be defined as rhapsodic. The piece returns to the main subject made more mysterious and “propulsive” by a deep and prophetic dominant pedal which conducts the piece to a penultimate scene constantly agitated by abrasive and dramatic syncopations. The music smoothes out in order to present a final exposition of the main subject leading to a mysterious “coda” in suspense, almost as a toll of far bells which close, with a touch of drama and inevitability, the composition.

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